Police have arrested 192 people following a mass shooting between rival motorbike gang members at a restaurant in Texas.

Waco Police said they have arrested the individuals on suspicion of "engaging in organised crime charges" following the shooting which left nine people dead and at least 18 more injured.

The shooting broke out inside the Twin Peaks restaurant before spilling out onto the car park. Officers believe as many as five gangs may have been involved in the violence, with the nine people killed belonging to either the infamous Bandidos or Cossacks gangs.

Waco police sergeant W Patrick Swanton described the shootout as "the most violent crime scene I have ever been involved in".

Around 100 guns, knives, bats and other weapons have also been recovered from the scene.

A Waco Police Department spokesperson said: "192 individuals are being arrested and processed this morning in reference to the Twin Peaks shooting. They will all face engaging in organised crime charges. They are being booked and processed at this time. McLennan County District Attorney is involved in our investigation and has been assisting us throughout the night."

The management of the Twin Peaks restaurant said: "We are thankful no employees, guests or police were injured in this senseless violence outside the restaurant, and our sympathies are with the families of those killed."

The Bandidos first formed in 1966 in Texas by Don Chambers and is estimated to have more than 2,400 members in 210 chapters across the world.

In 2014, the Texas Department of Public Safety classified the Bandidos as a "Tier 2" threat during a gang assessment, the second highest rating.

The Cossacks were formed in Texas in 1969 and are known to have a rivalry with the Bandidos for the past few years. The president of the Abilene, Texas chapter of the Bandidos, Curtis Jack Lewis, was arrested in November 2013 on suspicion of stabbing two members of the Cossacks outside a restaurant.