"The Walking Dead" season 10 is currently on a hiatus and will not be returning until February. However, fans want to know answers for numerous questions, specifically regarding Michonne's role and Virgil Khan's appearance.

In the midseason finale that aired last week, Michonne decided to go with Virgil to an unknown and isolated island in an attempt to find weapons to use against the Whisperers. The fact that it didn't take too long for Michonne to trust him with her life and the secret plan, has left fans wondering if there is a sinister twist in the future.

Speaking with TV Insider, actor Kevin Carroll, who plays the role of newcomer Virgil Khan, made it clear that there is more to the character than we know. This means fans can expect certain twists and turns in Michonne and Virgil's storyline. According to the actor, he plays an important role in Michonne's journey and the impending exit of the actor Danai Gurira. What brings them together is their need for survival in the world that is up for grabs and where danger lurks at every corner.

"This is a world where all facets of humanity are up for grabs, depending on the situation, because of the need to survive. It makes everything we do as human beings — they become valuable depending on how it serves survival in this period. But in terms of being trustworthy, I think that's a part of the fun of the journey to figure out for our fans, but they have to also understand, as, within the world in which we've developed, every facet of humanity is up for grabs because of everybody's need to survive," Carroll told the publication.

As the show progresses, it will certainly explore how their "relationship unfolds." Virgil's background with the Navy will reportedly serve the context. Meanwhile, the actor assures that their storyline is quite a journey and a "rewarding piece."

Danai Gurira
Danai Gurira said her upcoming movie Black Panther will offer young African girls the chance to see figures they can look up to on the big screen Frazer Harrison / Getty

It was earlier revealed Gurira will not be returning to the series after Season 10. Her exit will bring about the status quo shift for "The Walking Dead." There are several theories floating around about her send-off. While some suggest that she might be the part of this year's major-character-kill storyline or she may just leave after her work is done here. However, what actually happens remains to be seen. Nevertheless, we know Virgil Khan will play an important role in her exit story.

"The Walking Dead" season 10 will return on Sunday, February 23, 2020, on AMC.