The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale
What will happen to Tyreese? Can he survive the apocalypse? The Walking Dead/Facebook

The Walking Dead Season 4 is wrapping up the series this Sunday and promises to show some shocking forms of brutality that threaten the lives of everyone.

Earlier AMC had released multiple teaser pictures of the characters with the caption 'who will survive' but the newly released poster with the question 'who will arrive' only adds to the mysteries surrounding the survival and death of the zombie drama's lead characters.

Sunday night's episode of the post-apocalyptic drama is mysteriously named 'A' and fans can expect a cliff-hanger. The much hyped finale is all set to answer questions about almost everything.

As the mystery of the Terminus deepens with each passing hour, the latest poster shows Tyreese in the front lead (staring at someone?) while Carol can be seen following him.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale
The Walking Dead/Facebook

As of now we don't know what role Tyreese will play in the finale. Will he survive or will he be the anchor for the arrival of 'someone?'

Until now Walking Dead fans had been puzzled about which character would survive; but now they have something else to ponder over: Who can possibly arrive? Is it Gareth (the leader of the cannibals)?

The best spoiler guess is that it is going to be the arrival of the 'Cannibals' who reside in the Terminus (based on the episodes of the comic series by Robert Kirkman) with Gareth waiting to feast on the survivors.

In an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, Kirkman warns fans of some deadly outcomes in the final zombie-human battle.

"I would expect a very high level of deadliness," Kirkman tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Our season finale is not going to disappoint anyone; we've got some big stuff planned."

The finale of the Zombie horror drama can reveal the massive secret that Cannibals are waiting at the Terminus to hunt down the survivors, entertainment website reported.

According to the website, Carl can be a victim of sexual assault by one of Marauders and the main protagonist Rick can kill a Marauder by brutally biting his throat.

The Walking Dead season finale will air on Sunday at 9 pm on AMC.