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The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers AMC

The Walking Dead season 5, episode 14 airs tonight, 15 March and going by spoilers, it seems the upcoming episode is really going to shake things up a bit.

The strong undercurrent of tension within the Alexandria Safe-Zone is about to explode and spoilers reveal deaths of two characters in the upcoming episode.

Spoiler alert
The Walking Dead season 5 potential spoilers ahead

An alleged detailed description of episode 14 titled Spend has leaked online and reveals some major developments as the season draws closer to its finale.

Here's how the opening scene of the episode plays out, as per the leaked description:

"Father Gabriel enters what appears to be a makeshift prayer room. He stands at an altar and looks down at a Bible. A basket of strawberries has been left for him by a member of the community. There is a note saying it's a blessing to have him there. He then starts to tear the pages out of the Bible."

The leaked description also reveals a gruesome death for Noah, the character for whom Beth gave up her life. During a supply run, Noah gets trapped in an office by a horde of marauding walkers. Shielded behind a glass wall, Glenn watches in horror as Noah's face is ripped apart.

The other character who dies is Aidan - Deanna's son.

You can click here to read the full description of the episode. The Spoiling Dead Fans, a Facebook page dedicated to The Walking Dead, has published the alleged summary. The page has accurately reported spoilers of the show in the past, according to iDigitalTimes.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in," the official synopsis reads.

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 14 titled Spend airs tonight; Sunday, 15 March at 9pm ET/PT on AMC.

Click here to watch the episode via live stream online.