The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Rick Grimes to fall in Love with Michonne and Mary to Die?
The Walking Dead Season 5. The Walking Dead/Facebook

Two new Walking Dead Season 5 teasers have been released and the excitement quotient among fans has only quadrupled.

Looks like things will get pretty real at the Terminus as the first new teaser shows Terminus citizens entering Rick's boxcar in an extremely disturbing manner. Check it out below:

The second teaser is all about Rick – darker and edgier. Watch him as he delivers a threat to Gareth.

Noticed the ominous sound of blades being sharpened in the background? Here's what a LightlyBuzzed report has to say about that:

"We know that season 5 of TWD will begin in Terminus, but that story-arc will be brought to fruition, early on in the season, according to Scott Gimple. We also have strong suspicions that the 'Termites' are the infamous Hunters from The Walking Dead comics, who just happen to be your average, normal, everyday cannibals. That blade-sharpening sound in the background of this all new teaser could be the Termites getting ready to lay down some fresh meat on the grill."

A report by The Stir further explores this theory:

"In the season 5 trailer, we got a peek at Beth being held in some sort of medical facility, right? Do you think it's possible that place is related to Terminus -- like maybe Terminus does the slicing and dicing for whatever's going on at the hospital? What if they're looking for a cure?"

During an interview with TV Line in July, Showrunner Scott Gimple hinted at some big changes on this front:

"Our show diverges from the comic book quite a bit. There is an aspect to these people's lives that — they're the ones that have to deal with the consequences. They're the ones that are out there after a disaster, surviving, not necessarily the people — at least Rick's group — who were like 'OK we have to cure this thing.' Abraham's group [is] totally different. Now that they are coming together, we are going to see the story twist in ways that we hadn't seen before. And roles are going to become very, very different than they've been before. There's going to be a lot of shifts this season."