The Walking Dead Season 5: Daryl Dixon Dies and Mary's Meat Cooking Mysteries to Unravel in Premier Episode?
Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead The Walking dead/facebook

The Walking Dead fans may witness some romantic moments between Daryl and Carol in AMC's upcoming zombie apocalypse drama.

Rick, Daryl and their group got trapped inside the Terminus in Season 4, and Season 5 may focus on their escape route from the claws of the suspected Cannibals including Mary from the Terminus.

Entertainment website Bustle suspects that Carol and Tyreese may play a crucial role in the rescue of Rick and Co and this may be the beginning of a romance between Carol and Daryl, amidst the blood and gore.

In Season 4, Daryl and Carol were separated after Carol was caught killing Tyreese's girlfriend. She was exiled from the prison group by Rick.

While many fans would welcome Caryl, there are still chances of a love triangle between Daryl, Carol and Beth.

Beth went missing from the graveyard in the last season but Showrunner Scott Gimple hinted at her return during 'The Talking Dead' show.

"I will say that Beth's story – whatever it is – will be told," Gimple confirmed to the show host Chris Hardwick.

It will be interesting for fans to know Beth's story.

Meanwhile, Moviepilot posted some on set images of the upcoming zombie apocalypse drama which shows Daryl and Carol in life threatening danger.

The website reported that the couple was on board a white van which came crashing down from an overpass with dummies of Daryl and Carol.

The pictures show, their van was attacked by the Walkers which then fell down head first.

However, it is unclear what happens to the couple after the accident.

During the talk show, Gimple compared Mary with Star Wars' Aunt Beru.

It is possible that Gareth was raised by Mary and has turned into cannibalism to survive in the zombie apocalyptic world and became the leader of the sanctuary also known as Terminus.

It will be interesting to see whether Mary will support her son and assist in killing Rick and the group or if she will help them escape from Gareth, who is touted to be the major villain in Season 5 of the Walking Dead.

During the Talking Dead show, Gimple warned fans that the upcoming season will be 'very intense.'

"The next season is very, very, very, very intense, and then there's a left-hand turn. And then it gets very, very intense, and then there's a left-hand turn."

Lauren Cohan (Maggie) also hinted that Season 5 will be 'brutal.'

"Basically it's do or die. The group has to be so resourceful and so brutal to get out of this situation. You get to see members of the group that didn't even know they were badass get to be badass."