AMC released the first trailer of the popular zombie horror series which showed Rick, Daryl and others escaping the Terminus but there are speculations regarding some major deaths in the upcoming season.

AMC Studios, recently released a group picture of The Walking Dead cast but to everyone's amusement Daryl Dixon was missing from it, sending shock waves among fans that he may be dead during the show's mid-season.

The post-apocalyptic zombie horror drama is based on the survival story of Rick Grimes and his son along with the next important character Daryl, who has an equal fan following as that of Rick.

The picture was posted on the zombie series' official Facebook page and included Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne, Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, Sasha, Sgt Abraham Ford, Tara Chambler, Ford, Bob Stookey, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa.

Meanwhile, Gospel Herald suspects that the noticeable absence of Daryl means AMC might be killing off the popular character in the upcoming season.

However, some fan groups suspect that the show producers might be teasing Daryl fans with the picture.

Earlier, Norman Reedus' 'thank you' message had fuelled the already burning speculations about his death.

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the nice people that are waiting outside of set when we get off work. thank you guys for all the love," Reedus said in his tweet.

Previously in June, show creator Robert Kirkman also told Entertainment weekly that Daryl dies in the fifth season.

The cast and crew have kept the filming of the show a tight secret so far and teased the premiere episode to have the biggest action sequences ever in the series.

"I think that this first episode is the strongest, most complete episode that we've done. It's full of action, the biggest action sequence that we've ever attempted. But it's also got one of the most incredible narrative scripts, and one of the coolest after credits coda," Andrew Lincoln told Kirkman at the Fox International Breakfast.

The Walking Dead Season 5 will be broadly based on the theme 'survival' and will premiere on AMC on October 12.