Last week we got an 'Inside the Walking Dead' special and the treat for Walking Dead fans continues this week with another special - Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University.

Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University will show how extras get made into walkers.

Viewers will learn that there is much more to becoming part of the living dead than just make-up, and will get an inside perspective on the choreography, acting and motivation behind each zombie, including a look at what takes place at The Walking Dead's own Zombie School.

This behind-the-scenes special will air tonight (Tuesday, July 15) at 10.00 pm EDT on AMC.

Click here or here to watch Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University special online.

Meanwhile, a latest image from the new season, which premieres in October, depicting Daryl Dixon in a bit of trouble, released online. The shot is a close up of Dixon bound and gagged, presumably by the people at Terminus.

Fans of the popular zombie drama can't wait for the fifth season's first trailer which will be revealed on July 25 at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.