Tyler James Williams revealed that he collapsed and cried after he finished filming his character's death scene in "The Walking Dead."

The actor played survivor Noah in Season 5 and his character had to die in Episode 12, "Spend," in the most gruesome way possible. He talked about the emotional aspect of filming his character's death and remembered being so in the moment that he had to mourn over Noah.

"On an acting, emotional level, I've never really had an experience like that," Williams told Collider adding, "it's one that kind of bonded Steven Yeun and I for, I think, life — in the sense of, I've never been able to kill a character and let them die and experience that with them in a very traumatic way."

"And one of the things that happened afterwards... We do the scene, and we have to do the moment where I get slammed against the glass. And that has to play all the way out because we would talk and I was like, 'There's no way I can jump and cut into just [a] scream. This is somebody's last guttural death. We have to play this whole beat out.' And we played the whole beat out," he explained.

Williams remembered that after they called cut, he "just kind of collapsed and sobbed" for a good two minutes on the set. Yeun was there and he comforted him. He put his hand on the actor's back as he whispered "You're letting him go. It's a beautiful thing. You really gave him a death."

"The Argument" star said he had "a mourning process" after they called cut. He called filming his death scene in "The Walking Dead" "unique and beautiful" and "one of the most edifying moments" of his career.

The process bonded him with the other "The Walking Dead" cast members after Alanna Masterson, Lauren Cohan, and Christian Serratos showed up too. They bid farewell to Noah and to him because he only had one more take before a body double took over his scenes. He remembered it was like a funeral with the others there. Williams called the experience emotionally and mentally "otherworldly" and technically "very difficult."

Walking Dead\'s Noah
Tyler James Williams as Noah in "The Walking Dead" AMC