A Norwegian school is using the popular Walking Dead video game to teach students ethics.

While many educationalists have long believed that video games have the potential to be used for educational purposes, there have been few instances where this potential has been realised.

Tobias Staaby, the teacher who started the initiative at the school, has included the game in his religious studies curriculum. He believes that it will help spark discussion about morality and ethical choices.

"The Walking Dead presents some dilemmas (the students) would not have thought of otherwise," Staaby told a reporter from Norwegian media outlet NRK, according to Gamasutra. "That makes their answers to a greater extent their own."

The entire news report can be viewed below. For readers who don't speak Norwegian, English subtitles can be enabled.

The game's developers took the opportunity to highlight the news on their blog post.

"Zombies have invaded the classroom at Nordahl Grieg High School, where Telltale's The Walking Dead is being used to teach ethics!", read a blog post from the company that highlighted the news. "It makes sense given that The Walking Dead series is often praised for its ability to place characters in difficult situations where tough ethical decisions have to be made fast."

For the uninitiated, The Walking Dead is a game developed by Telltale Games. It was adopted from the comic book series under the same name by Robert Kirkman. It consists of five episodes and features a dynamic gameplay that changes the story based on the player's each and every action and reaction to the game's characters, objects and environment.