Christmas tree
The atheists have declared a war on Christmas []

Christmas cheer is in the air and the holiday season is upon us. Children are waiting for their beloved Santa to slide through the chimney and put the perfect gift for them under the Christmas tree.

However, not everyone is happy that Christmas is here. The American Atheist group has launched a 'War on Christmas' campaign through a series of televised programmes which will be aired live on 24 and 25 December.

Atheists have been mocking conservatives for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This year the group came up with a serious crusade, The Washington Times reported.

Atheist TV will air original programmes featuring scholars and celebrities from the atheist community who will proclaim the truth about Christmas.

According to Atheist TV's programme schedule, the channel will air shows like 'Christmas - Behind the Curtain followed by A Christmas with no Christ' and 'No Mercy On Christmas – NEW.'

All shows can be watched live stream online on the network's website.

Recently, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, who became Christianity's General Patton, has declared victory over the atheists.

"We won the war," O'Reilly said on his show. "It isn't a mythical war on Christmas, It's real, and we just won," the talk show host continued. "

"I've been doing this for about 10 years, and this is the only year we have not had a store command its employees not to say 'Merry Christmas.'"

"It's over, we won. Anyone can say 'Merry Christmas' if they want to. They don't have to — I'm not Stalin. But I'm very happy."

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