The UK enjoyed its warmest ever November day today, as temperatures hit 22.4C in mid-Wales, eclipsing a 69-year-old record. Many families were enjoying the last day of the half-term holidays and were treated with glorious sunshine making the UK hotter than the Algarve or Barcelona.

The record-breaking temperature was recorded in Trawsgoed, Ceredigion, at around 2pm today (1 November). This tops the previous record, set in Prestatyn also in Wales, when temperatures soared to 21.7C (71.1F) in 1946.

And the good news is that high temperatures, roughly 7C above the average for this time of year, are set to continue into next week, with hot weather expected for both Monday and Tuesday. Today's weather follows on from an unseasonably warm September, with Met Office figures for month showing sunshine and temperatures well above average.

But due to the hot weather, a layer of dense fog descended over parts of the country grounding over 50 flights at Gatwick Airport. There was also disruption at Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool and Dublin airports.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said to the Daily Mail: "It is unprecedented warmth for this time of year. Temperatures should be around 12C but are around 10C above that. It's very unusual.

"Records like this are rarely broken and it is all down to the warmth of the air sitting across the UK at the minute. That warmth combined with wind coming from the SE has made for a very warm start to the month."

Across the nation, maximum daytime temperatures were recorded that were above normal for October, with north west Scotland being on average 2°C above. It is predicted that in some places temperatures may reach 20C (68F) in isolated spots on Monday which could also lead to the hottest November 2nd temperature since records began in the 1850s.

The warm weather is all due to high pressure to the east of Great Britain, centred over the continent. But the bad news is that showers are coming.

Low pressure is set to move towards the UK on Tuesday bringing showery spells in the late afternoon or evening - leading into Wednesday. Mr Powell added: "We will have some showers later in the week, but for the next few days temperatures are likely to be well above average for November."