Six people have died and at least two are still missing as floods caused by heavy storms swept the region. Unprecedented amounts of rainfall and winds have caused chaotic scenes across the state, with people filming the disasters on their phone.

Three people died after being washed away by floodwaters on Friday (30 October), according to reports by CNBC. Forecasters have issued several warnings, and two bodies were found in Austin and San Antonio areas.

Sky News showed one man climbing in a tree to escape the water as a flood stream took control over his vehicle. He filmed the footage with his smartphone, after which he called the broadcaster from the fragile tree.

"A large weather system moving through the region has been producing heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms since Friday," a metorologist said. "Record rainfall has caused flooding across Texas, and the storms have spawned numerous reports of tornadoes over parts of several states."

Texas Floods
A mum with her kid look on as floods have blocked the road in Texas Reuters

With winds between 75 and 115 miles per hour, the storm caused major damage to properties. Rainfall was reported to be up to 3 inches per hour, something which the dry Texas landscape was not prepared for.

According to reports, many people were injured due to the severe weather conditions, especially those living in fragile or mobile homes.

Texas floods
The state was in chaos because of the floods Reuters
Texas Floods
Meteorologists warned of the storms that have caused chaos for days Reuters
Texas Floods
An Uber driver looks on as his car is taken away by a stream of floods in Texas Reuters
Texas Floods,
A total of six people died and many are injured Getty
Texas Floods
Villages across the US state were flooded. Getty
Texas floods
Roads were blocked because of the massive amounts of water Getty