The US state of Washington has passed a bill banning the use of gay conversion therapy on children.

The state legislature passed the new law on Saturday 3 March, which means that no licensed therapists can practise any attempt to change a minor's sexual orientation.

The state senate passed Bill 5722 by 33-16 votes, with the only obstacle left being the official signature from the Democratic governor of the state, Jay Inslee.

It will now be deemed as being "unprofessional conduct" to conduct any therapy on under 18s in the state to try to change their sexual orientation.

Those found to flout the law could face a range of punishments, including fines, license revocation or suspension.

The bill, which is expected to receive the backing of the state governor, will become law once signed by Inslee.

In addition to the new ban within the bill, another amendment was included by the members of the House which banned anyone operating for a religious organisation, religious denomination or church.

Other states across the US have already implemented similar such ban, but the Supreme Court declined to weigh in on a case in 2015 when it was questioned by individuals in New Jersey.

Washington is now the tenth state to outlaw the therapy, a practise that remains legal in many others locations in the US and countries including the UK and Australia.

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