A video appearing to show a black clergyman refusing to shake President Donald Trump's hand, a day after the new President's inauguration has gone viral.

President Trump attended an inaugural prayer service at Washington National Cathedral on Saturday 21 January. The video shows a series of clergymen shaking hands with the President until one switches the scepter he is holding in his left hand to his right just as he is next in line to greet Trump. The clergyman walks by the President without a second look.

The day after the inauguration, the Cathedral, which is home to the Episcopalian Diocese of Washington, hosted the interfaith prayer service featuring a mix of religions as part of the inaugural weekend.

The church considers itself the "spiritual home for the nation." Members of the Muslim, Jewish, and Sikh faiths were in attendance.

The clip has gone viral online with one tweet getting 13,000 retweets at the time of writing.