Clashes broke out on 20 June between migrants looking to storm the roads to the Port of Calais, and French police.

Three Britons captured the fracas while passing The Jungle camp, showing migrants breaking through a security fence and attempting to board lorries to Britain, while the police fired tear gas to try and disperse them. The incident, which occurred on World Refugee Day, caused major delays on the Eurostar.

The incident occurred on the same day the UN announced that refugee levels have reached an all-time high, with over around 65 million people being displaced at the end of last year.

Many migrants and refugees fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia have descended on Calais over the past year, hoping to find a way of getting across the Channel to Britain – where many believe a better life awaits.

This comes just days after a British aid convoy, heading for France's main migrant camp, was refused access by French authorities who cited security risks. Organisers of the convoy held a protest on 18 June, near the French embassy in central London.

The convoy had reportedly been planned for months and consisted of around 250 vehicles, claiming they were only notified days before that they would not be able to enter Calais. Crowds at the 18 June protest, holding flags and placards reading "refugees welcome" and "stand up to racism", gathered to chant while lines of cars were seen driving around the embassy honking in protest.

Calais jungle camp
An aid convoy of 250 vehicles was held at Dover after French authorities refused them entry into France DENIS CHARLET/GETTY