Dramatic CCTV footage has emerged of a woman being dragged off the tracks just seconds before a train pulled into the station.

The woman was rescued by security guards at a station in Melbourne after she was spotted wandering along the tracks.

In the video, a member of the public and guards are shown rushing to help her as the train arrives at the station. The woman was drunk, according to local media reports.

No one was hurt in the rescue attempt.

The alarming incident has led to renewed calls for safety gates to be installed. Daniel Bowen, from the Public Transport Users Association, told news.com.au that there have been many similar incidents, but that no one has been killed so far.

"There has even been incidents of mothers' prams or strollers rolling onto the track," he said. "A platform screen could act like a wall along the platform with doors, so it would greatly reduce incidents like this happening."

"She appears to be intoxicated and there's always a danger that people can end up on the tracks when they're in that state," Bowen added. "Platform screen doors are difficult to fit retrospectively, which is why they are being fitted on new lines like the Melbourne Metro for example, but not on existing stations.

A police spokesperson said that if the guards had not acted so quickly, the woman would have been killed. He said the train driver saw the woman and applied the brakes, but failed to stop the train in time because of its size and weight.

"The incident highlights some of the fantastic work performed by PSOs, keeping commuters safe across Melbourne's rail network," Senior Constable Lea-Taylor Bolton said.