The final trailer of X-Men: Apocalypse teases all the amazing action and destruction fans will get to witness in the movie. Also, the trailer gives the first glimpse of Wolverine's return.

Just two days back, director Bryan Singer had given fans the first look of The Blob, a mutant, who in the comics possesses superhuman strength and impenetrable skin that can even withstand missile attacks.

The trailer begins with Professor X, played by James McAvoy, saying: "Things are better. The world is better." To which Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) replies: "Just because there is no war doesn't mean there is peace. He [Apocalypse] is coming." Apocalypse is being played by Oscar Isaac.

"Everything they built will fall and from the ashes of their world we will built a better one," Apocalypse says as the Sydney Opera House slowly turns to dust. Next scene shows a fight between Professor X and Apocalypse, with McAvoy being taken prisoner. It will be up to Mystique and the young X-Men recruits to face living god Apocalypse, who has woken up after thousands of years hell-bent on cleansing the world of humans.

In the X-Men trilogy, the heroes were merely fighting ordinary humans and mutants. But this time around, the mutant heroes will be facing the strongest mutant of all and his four horsemen (followers). One of the horsemen is Magneto (Michael Fassbender), who from the first X-Men movie was looking to end the rule of mankind.

X-Men: Apocalypse opens in theatres in the UK on 18 May and in the US on 27 May.

Check out the final X-Men: Apocalypse trailer below: