X-Men: Apocalypse
The new X-Men movie will see the Apocalypse rise again after thousands of years 20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox has released a new promotional video of X-Men: Apocalypse titled In The Footsteps Of...En Sabah Nur. The initial scene of the video shows mutants in conflict with humans in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

The narrator of the video begins by saying: "Almost 10 years ago, the world first learnt of the existence of mutants. But what if the world's first mutant actually appeared thousands of years ago?" The narrator of the video, according to ComicBook, is Nimoy's Star Trek co-star George Takei.

As the narrator says these words, the image of Apocalypse, played by actor Oscar Isaac, appears with flashes of the pyramids.

The narrator continues: "Relics recently uncovered near Giza tell of the bringer of death responsible for the annihilation of millions, crushing entire civilisations from existence." Then the image of Apocalypse appears with his hands raised while facing the crowd of mutants below him.

"But how did this apocalyptic being just vanish from history?" the narrator asks. "And does this symbol hold the key to unlocking secrets long buried beneath the Egyptian sand?"

The new X-Men movie will see the Apocalypse rise again after thousands of years only to find himself unhappy about how the world has turned out to be. He will gather his four horsemen (followers) and will be looking to get rid of humans.

One of the horsemen could be Magneto played by Michael Fassbender. Magneto, like Apocalypse, despises humans and wants mutants to rule the world. However, fans will have to watch the movie to figure out whether Magneto will support Apocalypse until the end of the movie.

In a previous trailer, Apocalypse tells his horsemen: "Together we will cleanse the earth through the strongest." However, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Professor X (James McAvoy) will be leading a team of young X-Men recruits, who will be looking to stop the powerful Apocalypse and his four horsemen.

The movie hits theatres in the US on 27 May.

Check out the promotional video of the movie: