A doorman for a bar in Leeds was caught on CCTV showing off his moves.

But he wasn't on the dancefloor, or flexing his judo skills while tossing some toerag out of the place. He was running away from a dog.

The footage was put up on Facebook by Verve Bar Leeds on 19 April. "This is our sister bar's doorman," said the post. "Please don't bring your puppies with you this weekend."

In the video, the doorman is loitering about by a fence, appearing to chat to someone nearby. Out of nowhere bursts a white dog, which looks like a Staffordshire bull terrier, sending the doorman into action.

He grips the fence and almost artfully hurls his legs over it, though he mangles the landing. The eager dog tries to sniff the bouncer's legs as he leaps over the fence. The dog, a little confused, has a quick glance back and keeps trotting on.

Watch the moment here.