A landmark hearing over whether MPs will get to vote on how the UK triggers the Brexit process is due to take place at the Supreme Court from today (Monday 5 December).

The Government launched an appeal against an earlier High Court ruling that Prime Minister Theresa May must consult with parliament before triggering Article 50 and formally start the process of exiting the EU.

The four-day hearing will be the first time that all 11 of the Supreme Court judges will sit to hear arguments in one case as they consider the government's appeal.

If the government lose the appeal, MPs may get to vote on several factors of how the UK leaves the EU, including whether Britain could pay to keep access to the single market.

A campaign group, led by investment manager Gina Miller, believes the decision must only be taken by parliament.

Miller said: "I've never challenged the result of the referendum, I in fact voted for Brexit for the sole reason that I wanted power to be returned from Europe to the British parliament.

"I did not think it was right for the government just to bypass Parliament and to try and take away my legal rights without consulting Parliament first."

A ruling is not expected to take place before next year as May is still hoping on sticking to a March 2017 dealing for triggering Article 50.

The hearing will be broadcast from a Supreme Court livestream from 11:00am, as well as by the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 via their news websites.


Monday 5 December
1100 to 1300 and
1400 to 1630
AppellantJeremy Wright QC (HM Attorney General) James Eadie QC

Lord Keen QC (Advocate General for Scotland)

Tuesday 6 December
1015 to 1300Appellant (continued)James Eadie QC, Lord Keen QC (Advocate General for Scotland)
1400 to 1445Attorney General NIJohn F Larkin QC (Attorney General for Northern Ireland)
1445 to 1630Respondent (Miller)Lord Pannick QC
Wednesday 7 December
1030 to 1200Respondent (Miller) (continued)Lord Pannick QC
1200 to 1300 and
1400 to 1430
Respondent (Dos Santos)Dominic Chambers QC
1430 to 1515Applicants (Agnew and McCord)David A Scoffield QC, Ronan Lavery QC
1515 to 1600The Lord AdvocateW James Wolffe QC (The Lord Advocate)
Thursday 8 December
1015 to 1045The Lord Advocate (continued)W James Wolffe QC (The Lord Advocate)
1045 to 1200Welsh GovernmentRichard Gordon QC
1200 to 1245Interested Parties (Graham Pigney and others)Helen Mountfield QC
1245 to 1300Interested Parties (AB, KK, PR and children)Manjit Gill QC
1400 to 1430George Birnie and othersPatrick Green QC
1430 to 1600Appellant (reply)James Eadie QC