Two heroic police officers sprung into action to save the life of a small dog who had stopped breathing.

The two men, Officer Jon O'Guin and Sgt. Jim Edison from Albuquerque Police Department, successfully resuscitated the puppy who was in distress. A woman believed to be the dog's owner can be see panicking as the dog appears to stop breathing.

Despite being in the area to recover a stolen car, the two policemen dropped everything to get to work. In a fantastic team effort, they managed to dislodge a piece of cheese that was caught in the dog's windpipe. The two officers gently took the puppy in their arms and shined a light down its throat. The footage was captured on a body cam.

Store employee Matthew Benavidez said: "I had came out to see what the commotion was.

"This lady, she had some puppies in her truck and I guess one of them started choking on a piece of cheese."

"She was really distressed about it, she was crying a lot," the onlooker said. "It was a while before the dog was breathing and we were all standing there like just waiting," Benavidez added.

Eventually, the puppy seemed to start feeling better. "He's passing air," said one officer. "Atta boy you coughed it up."

Amazingly, the dog behaved brilliantly during the episode and is now expected to make a full recovery.