Playing in wet mud can be one of the most fun things to do post a rain shower and one baby elephant in China decided to make the most of it. Two-year-old Yang Niu was caught on camera playfully sliding down a muddy hill.

In the footage, the calf shakily makes her way to a clearing in a forest area before taking advantage of a stretch of muck and adorably sliding downhill on her belly.

She then went on to find more small slopes to slide down before finally reaching the base of the hill.

The video was captured by Yang Niu's keeper at the Asian Elephants Breeding and Rescue Centre in Xishuangbanna Dai.

According to the workers, this young elephant is especially fond of playing around in mud and takes advantage of every patch that she comes across.

She was brought to the rescue centre by villagers who found her abandoned and injured when she was barely an infant. Yang Niu, which means 'goat's daughter,' earned her name for being bottle-fed goat's milk.

She is one of nine elephants currently being taken care of at the centre who receive training with an adult elephant in order for them to be rehabilitated into the wild later.

Asian elephant dries off with some sand in his enclosure at the zoo in Karlsruhe
Yang Niu is especially fond of playing around in the mud - Representational image Reuters