An incredible video of two adult elephants saving life of a young one has gone viral. The footage shows a rare display of cooperation caught on camera in the animal kingdom.

The CCTV footage from the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, shows a calf standing at the side of a large pool in its enclosure with one of the adults when it loses its balance and falls into the water.

The calf's fall leaves the adult one panicked as it watches the young one struggling to keep its mouth and trunk above the water surface to breathe. But another adult elephant that is standing nearby comes to help, and soon the two get into the water from the shallow end of the pool after a silent discussion between them.

However, the duo fails to reach the calf with their giant trunks and change their position by standing on either side of each other in the water and lift the calf up so that its head is above the surface.

Later, they can be seen guiding the infant towards the shallower end of the pool.

According to reports, the amazing video has garnered nearly 459,000 views since it was posted online on Friday, 16 June.

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Several people have complimented the animals for their fast response. One person said, "Wow, fast response", while other said: "Better than people".