Limitless premiere
Limitless episode 2 airs on 29 September on CBS CBS

Brian Finch is officially an FBI consultant, but maybe not for long, as he will be in hot water after he disobeys his orders in Limitless season 1's upcoming episode. Episode 2 is titled, Badge! Gun! and will air on Tuesday, 29 September at 10pm EST on CBS Network.

According to the official synopsis, "Brian risks his new FBI job when he disobeys orders to stay out of the investigation into a renowned journalist's murder, on Limitless." Based on the feature film, the CBS series Limitless's premiere found Brian Finch transformed from a struggling singer to a genius, thanks to a mysterious drug NZT.

The episode also featured Bradley Copper's Eddie Morra giving Brian a lifetime supply of the drug and revealing a way to ward off its side effects. Finch helps solve a murder case and is able to earn FBI agent Rebecca's (Jennifer Carpenter) trust, who later recruits him as a consultant.

Click here to watch the episode live on CBS All Access. You can watch the episode online by clicking here. Showrunner Craig Sweeny previewed Brian and Morra's relationship in an interview with Collider.

Sweeny said, "We have to think a lot about it. Bradley's character essentially controls whether or not Jake's character can stay at the FBI and keep taking the pills because he has this booster shot that he can give or withhold. We've developed ways of advancing the storyline without necessarily having to have Bradley in each of those episodes. He has somebody who works for him that comes and talks to Jake. That storyline is a major part of the season."

Fans will get an idea about the senator's motive behind putting Brian in the FBI in upcoming episodes. "We get into why he wants Brian in the FBI very early. He's going to ask him to do things that are not the things his boss wants him to do. Dramatically, the tension feels very rich. Brian has got this relationship with Rebecca, but he's beholden to this other guy with a completely different agenda. It's fun stuff," the showrunner teased.

The producer also spoke about Brian's relationship with the FBI and how he will help them solve high profile cases. "When you have a psychic or a Sherlock or NZT Brian, you strain the credibility, if people deny their extraordinariness for too long. Even in Episode 2, he goes a long way toward proving his ultimate utility to the FBI. He becomes an active resource within that context."

"But, we're more concerned with still having him be Brian. Being at the FBI is a way for him to get the NZT and he can do some cool things. People acknowledge that he can do incredible things, but it's always uneasy because of his character. He doesn't know if he can trust them, and to them, he's always a wild card. He's not willing to round off his corners," he added.