Sarasota County Sheriff's Office in Florida have released incredible surveillance footage showing a man wielding a machete chasing off three home invaders, one of whom was armed with a shotgun.

Authorities said that they received calls about a suspicious armed man around 4.45am ET (9.45am BST) on Thursday (15 June) morning. As they gathered more information, they said they discovered that a homeowner had disarmed the man and was holding him until law enforcement arrived.

The man told police that there were two other suspects - a description of the suspects vehicle quickly led them to a petrol station where four men were arrested. Authorities said one was carrying zip ties.

In interviews, the sheriff's department said two admitted to the robbery. They later found surveillance footage showing three men entering the property carrying a shotgun, machete and crowbar. Authorities named the men as Alen Beltran-Vazquez, Angel Cabrera-Basulto and Ronier Jauregui-Lorente from south Florida.

Shotgun-wielding Beltran-Vazquez was captured by the man during the incident and held until authorities arrived while the other two fled, the sheriff's office said.

The two other men in the vehicle were named as Jorge Valido-Leyva and Roberto Salcedo-Balanza. Authorities said they helped coordinate the botched robbery.

All five men have been charged and are being held in Sarasota County Jail without bond. The two men who authorities say did not enter the property face two counts of principal to armed robbery each; Beltran-Vazquez is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and armed robbery; and the last two are charged with two counts of armed robbery.

The county sheriff's office added that the investigation was ongoing and further charges were pending.

Correction: An earlier version of this article said the incident was being investigated by the Sarasota Police Department, it is in fact being investigated by Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.