Mob Wives season 5 returns with an all new episode this Wednesday, 18 February at 8pm on VH1.

Episode 10 is titled, Deck the Brawls, which will stir up some more controversy.

The official synopsis released by VH1 reads as follows:

Renee reconnects with a friend from her past. Meanwhile, Natalie and London head to couples therapy, and Nat D fumes when one of the ladies is a no-show at her charity event.

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Last week's episode showed Carla Facciolo making a shocking return to Mob Wives season 5. When she arrived at Renee's Mob Candy party she was welcomed with open arms by Renee and Karen, but Drita was not very comfortable with her presence.

Drita claimed that she and Carla are not enemies, but they are not as close as they used to be. In the sneak peek for the upcoming episode Drita meets up with Big Ang Raiola.

When Ang asks her about a party Natalie DiDonato is throwing Drita makes it perfectly clear that she is picking Natalie Guercio (Nat G) over Natalie DiDonato (Nat D).

"Oh, were you invited to Nat D.'s party?" Ang asked.

"You know what? I'll be honest with you. I feel sick to my stomach because Natalie Guercio has done nothing but showed me respect and this Nat D. got me revved up to wanna bash this girl's head in. So now I confront her and she's crying," Drita explained.

"I know. I can't say anything bad about Natalie D. She never did anything to me," Ang said.

"Now every time we see her, 'Are you a rat? Are you this? Are you that?' Honestly, what the f**k kind of friendship is that?" Drita asked.

"And you know, she still likes us after," Big Ang said with a smile.

The conversation continued, "So how do you think Nat G would feel if me and you are going to a Christmas party with presents like f**kheads with a God d**n bow on my a** to sing 'Merry Christmas, it's okay rip my friend all f**king day long?'" Drita said.

Later, Drita explained in the greenroom: "I have done nothing, but listen strangers, listen to the girls I hang out with bad mouth Natalie Guercio and then question Natalie about it and Natalie could of just like left... So I have to give it to her. She did show loyalty."

As upset as she is with herself for falling for Natalie DiDonato's poison against Natalie Guercio, Drita is even more upset with the fact that her longtime friends Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano are still bugged over her and Ang's friendship with Natalie.

"Let's discuss this for a second. Renee made up with Natalie G. It's a good thing. Carla called Renee junkie for three years, worse than Natalie ever did and then what happened? Renee made up with Carla! What is their problem with us then?" Drita asked.

"Nothing is crazier to me than Karen and Renee actually saying that I'm disloyal for not picking their side. How do you have a problem with that when you're own f**king loyalties turn on a dime?" Drita questioned in the greenroom.

Meanwhile, Renee and Karen toss their loyalty and trust anyone willing to agree with them, but they could soon find out that Drita is not participating when she fails to show up for Natalie DiDonato's party.

"This Nat D. is new. She just came around. I'm gonna f**king listen to a new girl that just came around? Why am I believing her, I don't know. If Nat G's a d**k then I'll see it for myself. If she's gonna be a d**k to me, then I'll see it. I've seen it with everyone else, so I'll see it too," Drita said.

Also, In this week's bonus clip, Big Ang visits her psychic who tells her she needs to weed out some of the toxic people in her life.

"Some people, go to church I go to psychics," Big Ang says as she walks in for her appointment with her psychic Anita.

Check out the sneak-peek video below: