Shocking footage has emerged showing an elderly women getting slammed onto the ground and thrown into a swimming pool at a party in Florida.

The footage filmed in North Lauderdale, Florida, shows the woman walking into the party with her two dogs, presumably in an effort to get them to turn the music down.

During this time, the unidentified woman is taunted by the partygoers, with some heard shouting "throw her in".

Moments later, a man approaches her and picks her up by the waist, before slipping on the floor, sending them both crashing to the ground.

The man then begins to pull on the elderly woman's shirt and leg and hurling her in the pool, along with one of her dogs. Her second dog managed to flee before it was pulled into the pool.

The youngsters at the party can be heard cheering in celebration as she gets dumped in the pool before running away from the scene.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Saturday (6 May), but it is not known what happened to the woman or if police got involved.