A new advert from Heineken focusing on social issues is showing Pepsi how to do it right.

The beer brand's latest ad features people with different political views and leanings talking to work out their differences – over a cold beer of course.

Its subtle, people-focused campaign is a world away from Pepsi's ham-fisted attempt to join in conversations on issues such as Black Lives Matter with an advert slammed on social media for being insensitive to social justice movements.

In the Pepsi ad, model Kendall Jenner appears to bring calm to the streets after handing a police officer a can of pop.

Following a social media backlash, the Pepsi ad was pulled shortly after its release – while in contrast the Heineken advert seems to have been well received and has more than 1.6 million shares on You Tube already.

The Heineken ad features a transgender woman speaking to someone who previously held a prejudice against trans* people, an environmentalist speaking to a climate change sceptic, and a feminist speaking to a member of the alt-right.

At the end of Heineken's so-called social experiment, the people with opposing opinions are offered the opportunity to either leave or talk about their differences over, you guessed it, a bottle of Heineken.

We won't ruin the ending, but you're likely to experience warm and fuzzy feelings that have little to do with alcohol.