Two passengers were arrested for "unruly behavior" and one evacuated for medical reasons after an AeroMexico flight was stuck at the Oakland, California, airport for over four hours Thursday. AeroMexico flight 662 was scheduled to fly from Guadalajara, Mexico, to San Francisco, but was diverted to Oakland due to fog.

The two men who were arrested threatened to open the doors if they were not allowed to get off the aircraft. The pilot was forced to call the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, and police arrived soon after and arrested the two men. They were released after speaking they spoke to authorities, the Alameda County Sheriff said in a tweet.

One woman was evacuated after she fainted on the aircraft. She received oxygen as she exited the plane. In a video one of the passengers tweeted, the woman could be seen leaving the plane, followed by the arrest of the two men.

Ivan Garcia, a passenger on the flight who was flying with his girlfriend and six-year-old daughter, told the Mercury News: "They shouldn't have been arrested. If anything, they were speaking up for us."

The flight departed Mexico 6:20 a.m. local time (9:20 a.m. EST) and landed at Oakland 10:43 a.m. (1:43 a.m. EST). After landing, the plane sat on the tarmac for over four hours. Passengers said they were given food and water in the morning but that was that. At about 2:30 p.m., they were finally allowed to leave the plane.

It was late in the day when the airline released a statement, saying it did not have any operations at the Oakland airport and had to request special authorization from airport authorities to disembark the passengers.

Passengers were initially told that they would be let off the plane and then flown to San Francisco but after two hours of no activity, they started to get restless. The air conditioning inside the plane was turned off and when asked for food or water, the flight attendants said they didn't have any. People started frantically trying to get into touch with their families and lawyers, and someone even called the hotline for Flyers Rights, a nonprofit specializing in the Passenger Bill of Rights. According to the bill, passengers must be deplaned within four hours on the tarmac and the crew was required to pass out food and water at the two-hour mark.

The spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said several passengers also called 911 to report being held on the plane against their will. Passengers and their relatives were tweeting about the plight of those stuck inside the plane.

Due to the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government, the number of staff at customs was also inadequate, further delaying the passengers and adding to their agitation. They were taken to their destination by ground transportation.

This article originally appeared in IBTimes US.