American Crime Story
Cuba Gooding Jr as OJ Simpson in American Crime Story FX

The upcoming episode of American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson will focus on conspiracy theories around the case and the bloody leather gloves which were found at the crime scene, will be examined. The accused athlete will also have to try on the gloves to check whether they fit him or not.

Episode 7 is titled, Conspiracy Theories, which will air on 15 March at 10pm EST on FX networks. The official synopsis reads as follows:

Conspiracy theories start to arise around the case. The prosecution debates whether they should have O.J. Simpson (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) try on the gloves in court.

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The promo for the upcoming episode shows attorney Robert Kardashian telling Johnnie Cochran, "I have trouble with the blood on the Bronco [OJ's car], that anyone could've planted all of it." The episode will highlight the controversial black gloves, as F Lee Bailey points out, "Nicole [Brown] bought the globes." While Marcia Clark will use the gloves to prove OJ Simpson guilty.

Clark says, "This is it. Cold hard proof. The Gloves are our conviction." Brown had bought Simpson two pairs of this type of gloves in 1990. In the original trail, the prosecution claimed that the glove contained DNA evidence from Simpson, Brown and Goldman. Also the other glove at Simpson's house contained a long strand of blonde hair similar to Nicole Brown's.

The glove controversy will be the highlight of the hour, but to know how show will handle this aspect in the case, keep watching American Crime Story.