Better Call Saul season 2 returns with an all-new episode on 1 March where Jimmy McGill will be frustrated with his restrictive environment at HHM. Episode 5 is titled, Rebecca, which will air on 14 March at 10pm ET/PT on AMC.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Jimmy chafes under his restrictive work environment; Kim goes to extremes to dig herself from a bottomless hole at HHM [Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill].

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In the previous episode, Jimmy came under fire for making a commercial without the company's consent. While McGill was let off with a warning, Kim Wexler was demoted for not informing the law firm of Jimmy's commercial.

Creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould spoke about Jimmy's inevitable transformation into Saul Goodman and teased a difficult road ahead for Jimmy and Kim as their relationship progresses ahead during PaleyFest. Gilligan said, "I was saying all the time in the room to the writers, 'We better get cracking here. We better get to Saul Goodman because if people tune in, a safe assumption is that's who they're tuning in to see'."

Gould admitted that the roadmap for telling McGill's transition into Goodman was not set in stone. "There's no master plan. The thing is we do know a lot. We know how Saul Goodman dresses, we know how he expresses himself, the things he's willing to do and we also know who Jimmy McGill is and we know how Jimmy dresses, thinks, expresses himself and what Jimmy's not willing to do."

Creator Vince Gilligan also spoke about the fate of Jimmy's relationship with attorney Kim Wexler. He said, "There's a reason fairy tales end with 'and they lived happily ever after,' and there's a reason you never see that part, because it's boring. It's what we want in our real lives, it's not what we want our dramas. Difficulties will continue."

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