A Polish racing team barely missed a head-on collision with a wild animal at 108mph on 17 April. Driver Marek Bugajski and his co-driver, Robert Drozdz, were driving the narrow woodland roads of the 44th Swidnicki Rally in Poland when a large animal resembling a deer crossed in front of their car.

A video posted to social media by their racing team, Tece Chromowanie, shows Bugajski and Drozdz swearing as they realise what has just happened. But the pair remained calm and finished the stage. Bugajski said that the race was well-organised and the near-miss could have happened on any road.

The racers did not perform well after their car, a Citroen C2 R2 MAX, had experienced a mechanical failure earlier in that day. Bugajski said the team had already decided to continue the race just for training purposes when they encountered the animal.