Football fans have a new reason to rejoice as English Premier League clubs are planning on scrapping Pay Per View games for the rest of 2020. Every match will now be aired live at no extra cost to the viewers.

The plan to abandon PPV plans comes after huge public backlash started hounding the league. EPL authorities have reportedly spoken to all 20 clubs and have asked them to reconsider PPV plans especially as the public is forced to stay at home during England's new coronavirus lockdown.

According to Sun Sport, no formal vote has been taken by the "shareholder" clubs. However, it is expected that the end of PPV games will be confirmed and announced until at least the end of 2020. Beyond that is another story.

Nevertheless, if the proposals indeed come into effect, football fans will be able to have free access to every Premier League game throughout the Christmas period until the New Year. Matches may be viewed via Sky, BT, Amazon and the BBC.

There is still a chance that clubs will resist the scrapping of PPV games. After all, they are losing millions in revenue from match tickets. The alternative could be a reduction in PPV pricing from £14.95 per match down to about £9.95 or even as low as £7.50.

League authorities are aware that fans will continue to protest against any additional costs that they will be forced to shell out just to be able to enjoy the games in England's top flight football.

Should PPV be scrapped until the end of the year, the situation will be revisited and evaluated in January.

This weekend, PPV games will continue to be aired as planned, including Spurs vs West Brom and Arsenal vs. Aston Villa. There will be an international break next week, and the cancellation of PPV airing, if approved, should take effect after that.

The situation will be similar to "Project Restart" at the end of the 2019-2020 season, which took place after the extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic. The previous season's remaining 92 games were aired at no extra cost by the aforementioned EPL domestic broadcast partners.

While the plan sounds great for fans, the league, clubs and broadcasters all have to sit down and discuss the best solution for everyone involved. Coverage incurs cost and everyone involved is bleeding cash due to the ongoing pandemic. Without live match tickets and PPV revenue, the league has a monumental task of figuring out how to keep everyone afloat.

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