Freeform's supernatural series Shadowhunters is getting a huge fan following, especially because of Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Jace's crackling chemistry as they are on a mission to search the Mortal Cup. But the mission hits a roadblock after Clary and her Shadowhunter team rescue Simon from the vampires.

The preview for episode 4, titled Raising Hell, released by Freeform reveals that apart from Valentine (who she learned is her father), Clary will have to deal with the growing differences between her friend Simon and her secret crush Jace.

Warning: Spoiler alert

After the kidnapping incident, Simon asks Clary to leave the group and come with him as he fears for her safety. But Jace interrupts, arguing that the institute is the safest place for her. This will put Clary in a dilemma on whether to choose her friend or her mission to save her mother from Valentine's captivity.

The official synopsis of the episode reads:

After getting a clue about who may have wiped Clary's memories, the crew hunts down the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. With all of the warlocks in hiding from Valentine, the team must lure Magnus out with something he can't refuse – a killer party and something very valuable. But with emotions running high, more may come out of their meeting with Magnus than just the retrieval of Clary's memories.

Meanwhile, Simon doesn't seem to be himself after his recent Downworlder encounter.

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Amid all the drama, McNamara's character will get flashes of her erased memory, which reveals that Magnus Bane had something to do with her past. Clary and her team of Shadowhunters will chase the High Warlock of Brooklyn to locate her mother Jocelyn.

It remains to be seen how helpful Magnus will be in the upcoming episodes in reviving Clary's memory, which will help them find the Mortal Cup, the key reason behind Jocelyn's kidnapping. The upcoming episode will also reveal more about Simon, who fans are suspecting is turning into a vampire.

Shadowhunters airs every Tuesdays on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.