Watch Suits season 5 episode 13 online USA Network

Suits season 5, episode 13 airs this week and fans can expect to see some more friction between the lead characters as things get further complicated. The synopsis for the upcoming episode teases that Harvey and Mike will lock horns over trial strategy and how to defeat Gibbs.

In the promo trailer of Suits season 5, episode 13 — titled God's Green Earth — Jessica tells Harvey that the reputation of the firm is at stake and the clients are being circled for no reasons.

However, Harvey feels that the most important thing for them is to help Mike out and work on keeping him out of prison. Meanwhile, Anita Gibbs interrogates Rachel as she wants to know if Mike took LSats for her. Mike finds out that Gibbs threatened Rachel that she would expel her.

According to TV Line, showrunner Aaron Korsh revealed that Harvey's ex-girlfriend Scottie is coming back to the series and is resentful about Mike's secret. Korsh further stated that Pearson Specter Litt will turn to Harvey's former flame for some help. Naturally, that might create some tension within the current scheme of things.

The firm wants her to do something that can help them, Korsh stated. "But she is a little resentful of [Mike's] secret, so she's not going to have the greatest response to that." Moreover, Scottie will have issues with Rachel as well. "Both of their two men are in the crosshairs here," Korsh revealed. "They have an interesting, little interaction where they get to express different points of view on what the consequences of this whole thing might be."

Suits season 5, episode 13 God's Green Earth airs on Wednesday, 10 February at 10pm ET on the USA Network. Click here to watch the new episode live stream online.