Suits season 5 episode 12 airs 3 February USA Network

After a thrilling midseason premiere, Suits season 5 returns with episode 12 this Wednesday (3 February). Will the episode reveal who ratted Mike out? Well, even if not, there's certainly going to be some major development on that front.

Promos for the upcoming episode reveal that Louis and Harvey team up to find out who the snitch is so that they can defuse a damning piece of evidence found against Mike. Once they find this person and prove his conspiracy, Jessica and Harvey will put up a strong defence to try and save Mike and, more importantly, their firm's reputation, reports Earn The Necklace.

Titled Live To Fight, Suits season 5 episode 12's description states: "Mike and Louis must identify an anonymous tipster in order to diffuse a damning piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Gibbs isn't just after Mike, she's set her sights on Jessica and Harvey as well."

In his recent interview with TV Line, Suits showrunner Aaron Korsh weighed in on how Anita Gibbs will make life hell not just for Mike but the whole gang. When asked how her investigation will affect the rest of the firm, Korsh said: "Massively. As it would and as it should. As an aside, we did a little research.... There was an attorney who basically said, 'They don't want the dealer. They want the supplier.' Their notion is, 'It couldn't have stopped here,' and they're going to use whatever means necessary to get to the bottom of the truth, and that means applying pressure wherever they can, in whatever way they can, to get anyone who might know something to give it up. That's going to be the driving force behind the last six [episodes] is, 'Can we hang together'?"

Meanwhile, for fans who are wondering about the status of Mike and Rachel's wedding, Korsh said: "For the time being, the wedding will be put on hold."

Suits season 5 episode 12 "Live to Fight" airs Wednesday (3 February) at 10pm ET on the USA Network. Click here to watch the new episode live stream online.