Where to watch Suits season 5, episode 9 live stream online USA Network

Mike and Rachel's wedding might not turn out to be the sweet, happy event that fans are expecting to see as the fear of Mike's secret coming out in the open increases with each new episode.

The synopsis for this week's episode of Suits season 5 titled Uninvited Guests teases that Rachel fears the wedding might reveal Mike's secret.

The episode will also have Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff making their move against Jessica and the partners, as Harvey and Mike tangle with Hardman's mysterious backer, and Louis tries to find Jack's Achilles heel.

According to Cartermatt, the biggest issue for Mike moving forward is probably tied to what Claire told him in the last episode which is, as long as he continues to lie to the public about who he is, he and Rachel will never be safe. "Can he really marry her with that in mind?" speculates the website.

The official synopsis for the Suits season 5 summer finale, also does not paint a very pretty picture for both Mike and Harvey.

"With their backs against the wall, Jessica and Louis make a last-ditch effort to rally the support of the partners, as Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff attempt a takeover of the firm. Meanwhile, Mike and Harvey must each face down the demons of their past in order to make potentially life-altering decisions," reads the synopsis for Suits season 5 summer finale, episode 10.

What could these "life-altering decisions" be? Will Mike's big secret become public...thereby affecting his and Rachel's wedding?

Suits season 5, episode 9, Uninvited Guests airs on 19 August at 9pm ET on USA Network.

You can click here or here to watch the episode via live stream online.