A pair of Russian robots got into a rap battle, throwing insults at each other using clever phrases. It was a battle of wits between a well established player called Alan Tim V2 and his updated version Alan Tim V3 at the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI).

Alan Tim-2 works as the deputy head of the faculty of robotics at MTI, according to an RT report. The teacher bot started off hurling insults at the younger, less experienced player. Alan Tim-2 started off by calling himself a "bad boy" who keeps his money in cryptocurrency.

Alan Tim-3 responded by calling himself a genius and stood up defiantly to his master. The three-minute video shows the two robots hurl insult after insult at each other after which the clip ends. While there were many students around the two robots who cheered and jeered as they rapped, there was no street-style scoring or winners being chosen.

RT does, however, cite Russian media outlets as saying that the older, Alan Tim-2, the one with more experience and better vocabulary skills, is the winner. The clip does not contain any music or beats, just the "rappers" spitting rhymes and smiling menacingly at each other.

Russian robots
The defender, Alan Tim-2 and his blue bow tie MTI/ YouTube Screengrab

In the clip – for those who do not understand Russian – Alan Tim-2 is the one on the right, wearing a "special occasion" blue bow tie, and Tim-3, the challenger stands opposite. The clash took place at the Phystechpark technological facility in Moscow. While both robots have a similarly shaped body, the younger robot looks a bit taller and has a more expressive face.

Alan Tim is named after Alan Turing, the father of computer science and the person who coined the term artificial intelligence as well as set up the conditions to test for it, and Tim Berners-Lee, the man who devised the World Wide Web.

Russian robots
The challenger Alan Tim-3 MTI/ YouTube Screengrab

Alan Tim-2 reportedly has a vocabulary of over 100,000 specific phrases and has the ability to do its own research on the internet instantaneously.

Some of the rap battle's best lines as translated in the report:
"My life is smooth as butter – chicks, parties. I keep my savings in cryptocurrency. I am a bad boy who teaches his students bad things like putting enemies into coma," said Tim-2. This prompted Tim-3 to come up with, "Your place is at the dump. I am a Ferrari sports car and you are just an old Lada." Tim-2 came up with a "You'll be ," following up with "Say 'Hi' from the bottom," at his rival.

It is possible that the Weinstein line is what won the battle for Tim-2.

Russian robots
The robot rap battle that saw teacher and student take it one on one MTI/ YouTube Screengrab