Not all criminals are masterminds. These two suspects in China certainly buck that idea.

Surveillance footage from Shanghai's Public Security Bureau captured the moment a would-be burglar didn't look where he was throwing and managed to lob a brick straight at his accomplice's head.

The video shows the pair walking up to a building on Wednesday (14 February) carrying bricks. The first one throws his brick in an attempt to break a window but then walks straight into the path of his colleague's brick, taking a shocking blow to the head and appearing to fall unconscious.

The second man then rushes to his partner and can be seen dragging him away and out of shot.

In a post on the Chinese social media site Weibo, the Public Security Bureau wrote: "If all thieves operated on this level, the police wouldn't have to work overtime." One user joked in the comments that medical staff would be the ones working overtime.

The post has already been shared over 23,000 times.