A hooded man has been seen stalking an innocent woman and fly-kicking her from behind in an Amsterdam shopping centre. The video appears to have been filmed by one of his friends.

The 24-second clip only shows the back of the man as he walks through a busy arcade lining up potential victims before settling on a woman carrying a shopping bag in the distance. Having picked his target, he charges towards her, leaps, and lands a double-footed kick on her back.

The cameraman screams in delight as the woman crashes to the ground. She then picks herself up and turns to confront her attacker before the footage ends.

The video was posted on YouTube but the identities of the attacker and his accomplice are unknown.

It bears a striking similarity to a recent incident in Berlin in which a woman's arm was broken after she was kicked down a flight of stairs by a man unknown to her.

In that instance, which occurred at Hermannstrasse U-Bahn station, the assailant was identified by Bulgarian media reports as 27-year-old Bulgarian Svetoslav Stoykov.