A video of a monkey serving patrons at the Kayabukiya Tavern has gone viral. The Japanese bar, which looks like any other traditional 'sake-house' restaurant in Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture, has Macaque monkeys as waiters.

The 17-year-old Fuku-chan, a Macaque monkey, was given the job after she delivered a napkin to a table unprompted.

The owner of the restaurant, Kaoru Otsuka decided to pair Fuku-chan with Yat-chan– the original Macaque waiter. The idea paid off as several people from across the world visit the tavern to be served by the monkeys.
A recent video that shows Fuku-chan's typical day at work has gone viral.

The monkey is seen dressed in a chequered waiter's shirt and skirt, and can be seen bringing guests a beer and fetching napkins for diners.

In the video, the veteran waitress is, however, seen spilling a bowl full of peas as she runs to a table.

Visitors at the restaurant are encouraged to leave a tip in the form of soya beans if Fuku-chan and her younger companions do a good job. Fuku-chan and her friends are fed bananas as their work payment.

"They are closer than my family. I hold them all day and sleep with them. Once I started taking care of them I couldn't let go. They are just way too cute," Otsuka, who sort the monkeys after seeing them in their natural habitat in the Nikkō mountains, said, according to the Daily Mail.

The monkeys have been working at the bar for some 29 years, 28 Lab reported.