Disaster was averted at an Indian airshow on 19 February after two aircraft scraped against each other in mid-air, causing minor damage to both planes.

The incident occurred when three Red Bull aerobatics aircraft attempted a mid-air loop.

The central plane briefly touched the aircraft below it and both suffered damage to their wings, with one aircraft's propeller completely destroyed.

The planes were forced to land and airport fire engines rushed to the scene.

No-one was injured and the airshow resumed after a check of the runway.

The tenth edition of the biennial Aero India airshow began in the southern city of Bengaluru on 18 February with participating countries including the US, Russia, France and the UK.

The five-day event will feature prominent international planes such as Airbus A400Ms, three Rafales from the French Air Force, F16s, the Indian Air Force's C-17s and Mi-17 1Vs.