After nearly two years of waiting, the giant mech battle between the US and Japan is finally over and the result is a decisive victory for the American team.

While the event was expected to take place on Tuesday (17 October) and live streamed on Twitch, some reports suggest that the battle had already taken place in Japan last month.

According to Cnet, the winner of the battle would be determined when the opponent surrenders or when one of the robots gets too badly damaged to continue fighting, like a knockout.

The fight consisted of three rounds – first, Japan's Kuratas fought Iron Glory, an older model built by US MegaBots. This round saw Kuratas literally punch Iron Glory off its tracks.

The second fight had Kuratas face off against US MegaBots' Eagle Prime. The US contender had a clear advantage over its Japanese rival in terms of height, weight, power, speed, and even weapons arsenal. The Japanese robot did, however, have technological, software and agility advantages.

Eagle Prime, when at its full battle capacity, stands an imposing 16 feet tall and weighs 12 tonnes. The Japanese robot in comparison stands 13 feet tall and weighs 6.5 tonnes. Eagle Prime has a massive chainsaw for an arm with cannons, while the Kuratas has a huge iron fist weighing half a ton and is also equipped with cannons.

The battle round between Kuratas and Eagle Prime started with the Japanese team deploying a drone that the Americans were able to get rid of with a powerful swat. They then traded punches and blows till the robots got entangled with each other, says the report.

The next round – the third and final one – had Eagle Prime attack Kuratas with its massive chainsaw. Kuratas was literally cut open by the US robot, disabling it in the process. This led to the overall victory going to the Americans.

While there is no word on when, or even if, there will ever be a re-match, MegaBots' plan is to inspire an entire league of fighting robots that battle it out in large stadiums in front of crowds, like in the movie Real Steel. But until that happens, the USA is the giant robot fighting champion of the world.

Giant Robot Duel
Eagle Prime wounds Kuratas with its massive chainsaw YouTube Screenshot MegaBots Inc