Vikings Season 3 premiere spoilers: King Ragnar and Rollo to attack the mythical city of Paris?
King Ragnar and company are all set for their forthcoming battle to conquer the mythical city of Paris Vikings/Facebook

Vikings season 3 is delivering one shocking twist after another and it appears there is no end to bloodshed in King Ragnar's world.

Fans were shocked when Siggy drowned in icy waters after saving Ragnar and Aslaug's sons in the last episode. Her death broke the hearts of many a Viking fan.

But her death is just the beginning of many more shocking moments to come with the relationship between the Norse ruler as his second wife hitting a rocky patch.

Aslaug has fallen in love with the Wanderer and has even slept with him while her Viking husband was on a winning spree over the Mercian army at the Hill of the Ash.

However, fans are suspicious of the motives of the Wanderer, who claims to be a spiritual man, as he did nothing but watch Siggy drown.

Travis Fimmel, who plays the character of the Norse ruler in History channel's magnum opus, has teased the split of the Norse power couple.

"Ragnar's ex-wife hates him as much as his current wife does, and I'm sure his next ex-wife will hate him too," Fimmel said during the Reddit AMA, via Design and Trends.

In the upcoming episode titled The Usurper, Lagertha will seek help from the Viking Lord to regain her Earldom which was stolen by her trusted aide Kalf.

The synopsis of episode 5 reads: "The fleet returns to Kattegat to find tragic circumstances await. Lagertha learns that her Earldom has been usurped and convinces Ragnar to travel to Hederby with her in an effort to reclaim her title. Ragnar causes great surprise when he announces the next raid. The Seer has interesting prophecies for Rollo."

"Your earldom really that important to you?" Ragnar asks the former shield-maiden who angrily replies "Yes, because it's rightfully mine."

The restless wanderer Ragnar, will also make plans to attack the mythical city of Paris which is rumoured to be impenetrable to outside forces.

It remains to be seen how Ragnar Lothbrok and his band of Norsemen achieve the unachievable by attacking Paris.

Click here to watch the episode via live stream online. Vikings season 3 episode 5 airs this Thursday, 19 March, on the History Channel.