A Mexican who was once dubbed the world's fattest man after weighing nearly 95 stone (595 kilos) has undergone further surgery in a bid to drastically reduce his size.

Juan Pedro Franco, 33, already underwent gastric bypass surgery in May in order to reduce his stomach to the size in order to prepare himself for the operation. Following a strict three month diet, France is said to have shed a further 27 stone.

Doctors are hoping the hour long surgery to further reduce his size by 18 stone will help Franco walk again having being bed-ridden for seven years due to his size.

Following the procedure, Franco will also have to undergo 72 hours of intensive therapy to aid his recovery.

It is uncertain whether the surgery will be a success. Prior to going under the knife, Franco had to endure a series of intensive tests on his blood, lungs and heart.

However, doctors who performed the surgery are hopeful of the outcome.

Dr Jose Antonio Castaneda Cruz said: "He has lost nearly 30% of his initial weight, so he is ready to undergo the bariatric surgery.

"Everything we're doing has been mapped out and if everything goes to plan in a year and a half we'll have him down to between 12 and 14 stone.

"Initially we didn't think he was going to be apt for this treatment because of his level of obesity and a lung problem he suffers, but now we're seeing a more promising horizon."

Admitting that he has already had issues with his weight from a child, Franco said his six "exploded" when he was 17 following a car accident which left him bed-ridden for more than a year.

Juan Pedro Franco
Juan Pedro Franco speaks to journalists days after having undergone his first surgery in Mexico Getty