Zac Efron was soaked to the skin – much to his female fans' delight – when Jimmy Fallon chucked a glass of water in his face during a "Water War" on the Tonight Show.

The High School Musical star went head-to-head in the battle that threatened to destroy Efron's beautiful burgundy suit, which was a twist on the classic card game where the loser of each round gets splashed. The pair drew cards, and though Efron managed to drench his opponent after winning the battle, he ended up losing the war as a smug Fallon soaked the hunk with a colossal water gun.

With his shirt revealing an outline of his rippling six-pack in scenes fit for a Baywatch episode, Efron refused to go topless, much to the audience's dismay. He later shared an Instagram snap of the incident, captioning it: "Another suit soaked to the bone and forgot to bring dry underwear. Thanks @jimmyfallon."

Another suit soaked to the bone and forgot to bring dry underwear. Thanks @jimmyfallon. #FallonTonight

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And despite being one of the hottest men in Hollywood, Efron still managed to poke fun at his younger self as Fallon teased him about his formerly crimped hair during the 90s. The host joked: "First of all, who is this guy and what happened to him?" to which Efron replied: "I was at a summer camp for the arts... I think I lied about my age to get in.

"I was actually an eighth grader and they only let in juniors and seniors, and a few freshmen; I squeezed in as a freshman.

"It was just me and a bunch of a lot older girls and they crimped my hair and I thought I was awesome... Anything they told me, I just said, 'Yes'. That sounds bad, but it was true," he added.

Putting the cherry on top of the hilarious interview, the pair whipped out two crimped wigs, prompting Efron to ask, "Why do you have these things behind your desk? I feel like I'm looking in a mirror. It's like A Night At The Roxbury."