London couple Chay Watts and Cara Powell have complained to Pizza Hut after they picked up a half and half pizza with a wriggling cockroach inside, which left them feeling disgusted and sickened.

The pair collected their order in Yiewsley, West Drayton, from their local branch on the high street. They and their four-year-old son were eating the pizza when they spied the creepy crawly by a piece of pineapple .

"I started eating it [the pizza]. I was half way through my slice and my son had started eating his slice," Powell, 27, told "I just looked at the corner of the box and saw there was a cockroach gripping on to a bit of pineapple.

"My missus grabbed one of the little plastic things you get in the box, touched it with it, and its legs started moving so it was still alive."

The couple complained to the Pizza Hut branch over the pest, which is known to spread disease.

"I felt sick and annoyed, as you can imagine, so I rang Pizza Hut," Watts continued. "They apologised, said they'd send a driver to come and collect the box and the bug and that they'd come and bring a new pizza. It took the driver an hour to come and they replaced the pizza and gave us a tub of Haagen Dazs on the house.

"They didn't seem that bothered to be honest they just said 'oh sorry about that' and said the best they could do was give us another pizza, but I don't want to eat from there again."

Pizza Hut Delivery said in a statement to IBTimes UK: "Health and safety is of the utmost importance to Pizza Hut Delivery and we are committed to maintaining high standards in all our branches. This particular branch has a five star hygiene rating.

"An independent inspector has since visited the site and found no evidence of any pest activity. We are confident that this is an isolated incident and that there is no risk to our customers or products.

"We are providing the customer with a full refund and are speaking with them to ensure it is resolved to their satisfaction."