McDonald's is 75. Its first restaurant was opened by the McDonald brothers in San Bernardino, California, on 15 May, 1940. Getty

In San Bernardino, California, 75 years ago, two brothers made the big move from a hot dog stall to a full-blown fast food restaurant. They were the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice.

Before long, their fast-food concept -- the quick and quality service of customers with a decent, affordable meal – was being franchised out. By the mid-1950s, McDonald's had been incorporated and the franchise model exploded across the whole of the US.

It grew and grew and grew, expanding the world over until the McDonald's "golden arches" logo was ubiquitous in towns and cities and more recognised that the Christian symbol of the cross.

But its journey from a humble family run restaurant to a corporate megalithe has been bumpy, despite its huge financial success. Here are some of the memorable scandals around McDonald's.

Pink slime


McLibel Helen Steel Dave Morris
Anti McDonald's campaigners, Helen Steel and Dave Morris protest against McDonald's 50th anniversary celebrations outside the fastfood chain headquarters in East Finchley, April 15, 2005. Getty

Complicity in rainforest destruction

Super Size Me

Super Size Me
A promotional poster from the Morgan Spurlock film Super Size Me. Samuel Goldwyn Films

Food safety scares

Ronald McDonald Japan
Ronald McDonald talks to customers in a Japanese McDonald's. Getty

Workers' rights

McDonald's restaurant
Fast food workers join a protest outside a McDonald's restaurant. Getty Images