The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has cancelled star batsman's Darren Bravo's match contract due to alleged disparaging remarks that he made on Twitter about president Dave Cameron.

As reported by ESPNCricinfo, the WICB director of cricket, Richard Pybus, sent an e-mail to the left-hander warning him that if the tweet is not deleted and he does not apologise by Sunday(13 November) afternoon, he could face action from the board's disciplinary panel.

Bravo, who has been one of the West Indies' most consistent batsmen in the Test format, was offered a grade C contract earlier this week. Cameron cited his declining averages over the last two years, prompting Bravo's Twitter outburst.

Responding to the tweet, Pybus who is in charge of the annual appraisals of the players, said Bravo's statement was a breach of contract.

"It has come to our attention that on November 11, 2016 you published a tweet on your Twitter account (@DMBravo46) disparaging the President of the West Indies Cricket Board. We would expect as a senior West Indian cricketer, that you would recognise that your decision to vent frustration online, as well as to denigrate the president of the WICB, was inappropriate as well and unacceptable as well as contrary to your contractual obligations to the WICB", said Pybus as per a WICB media release.

"We also request you immediately remove the highlighted tweet from your account, and desist from tweeting about WICB officials in the future. I ask that you also note that any further such action on your part, including failure to comply with our request above by 4 pm Easter time on November 12, 2016, may result in further disciplinary action, including referral to the WICB Disciplinary Committee."

Bravo, who has scored 3,400 runs in 49 Test matches for his country, has been sent back home from Zimbabwe with Jason Mohammed replacing him in the squad.